The Bachelors LTD Car Club is still active today, participating in local East L.A. car shows and cruising the neighboring cities. This devoted group of men is now a true Lowrider family, supporting each other whether in good times or in times of heartache. The club's annual family and car club picnic shows the results of almost four decades of dedication to the wonderful sport of Lowriding. The low-to-the-ground aesthetic bonded these men under one common plaque, a plaque that represented not only who they were, but who they wanted to become. The Bachelors are a testament to the fact that your Lowrider best reflects your personality, in a lifetime full of individual perspectives, all too numerous to account for.

Though the mind is a vast and complex center of ideas, each man's views differ. Thus, no two perspectives in the universe are exactly alike, and no two Lowriders are exactly alike, either. The only device that views things exactly as it sees them is a camera; even the human eye creates mental images to interpret what it sees. What is in our mind's eye as we reflect back on The Bachelors Car Club? We remember those who fell. We remember those who stood out as heroes, and those who sat on the bench in anticipation. We remember everything; both the serious and the comical moments. We remember that this car club was the one that took over the streets in East L.A. at a time that no other club could have done it. They created a balance, a guiding light for Chicano Culture, and paved the way for all other car clubs to carve their own niche and place in our sport. The torch has been passed on to the rest of us from these visionary young men, and our culture is a much better and stronger culture because of it. Viva the Lowrider Movement!