The Bachelors LTD Car Club is legendary for many reasons, but there is one particular contribution to Lowriding that they are most recognized for. Simply put, this club helped birthed our entire culture by serving as one of the original builders, founders and pioneers of the Lowrider Movement. They are the fine rock, sand, and water that comprises the very foundation of our glorious culture, and the creators of a lifestyle that has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Combining the elements of love, heart, and soul, the Bachelors LTD Car Club has carved out their own unique legacy as one of the greatest and most respected car clubs to come out of East L.A. These young men turned Lowriders into high art, and were also instrumental in molding East L.A. into the Lowrider Capital of the World. The strong brotherhood among these young men bonded them as a family, as they positively represented the Raza in everything they did, ultimately framing a masterpiece of everlasting Chicano Culture.

The Bachelors Car Club was established as a lead sled and hot rod club back in 1958, and made their first appearance that year at a Long Beach, California car show that was organized by the Renegades Car Club. In 1969, the Bachelors Car Club redefined itself as a muscle car club under the direction of President Albert, who drove a 1964 Chevy Malibu, as well as Club Vice President Mando, who owned a 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner. In 1972, The Bachelors Car Club became The Bachelors LTD Car Club under the direction of President Nick Daneri. Daneri sat behind the wheel of a 1970 Custom Chevy Camaro, and his Vice President, Ron Gomez, followed his Chevy lead with a 1958 Chevy Impala. Growing pains left the car club facing an identity crisis and discontentment among its members. President Nick Daneri and VP Ron Gomez felt that The Bachelors Car Club should focus on becoming the cornerstone of the up and coming Lowrider scene. Nick's younger brother Dominic Daneri was a major liaison in the planning and building of the Bachelors LTD Car Club, helping them organize and seek out prospective members for the new club. They found fifteen young men who shared Nick and Ron's vision, and new plaques and attire were designed for what would ultimately become the Bachelors LTD Car Club, a club that still reigns supreme today.

The initial club officers during this formative time were President Nick Daneri, Vice President Ron Gomez, Sergeant of Arms Ray Quezada, Secretary Sammy Loya, and Treasurer Joe Martinez. In 1975, Sammy Loya became President, and the Late Louis "BARR" Barrios stepped in to serve as Treasurer. Business and weekend activities were discussed among the officers, and then presented to the regular club members. Satisfied with their hierarchy set up and membership level, the first business at hand for the officers was to implement a set of by-laws that would serve as the club's ethical direction. To uphold these by-laws, meetings were held once a week at Sequoia Park in Monterey Park, California. Here, a car committee was formed in order to carry out the full car, plaque, and attire inspections that would ensure the quality standards the club was looking to uphold. Fines and swats became the disciplinary actions of choice, and were subsequently given to members when they ran afoul of the laws of the club. The wooden paddle could be used for a variety of reasons, such as letting a girlfriend drive a club car with the plaque displayed, or for acting irresponsibly at a party. Occasionally, a bidding war would break out among the other members as to who would get to be the swatter. While no serious damage was done with the paddle, the potential ridicule and embarrassment to a club member's pride was enough to keep everybody in line, thusly the wooden paddle became a very effective tool for keeping order. There were also many positive rewards given to members, the highest being a "Car of the Month" trophy that was handed out on a monthly basis to the club's most deserving ride.