During the time we spent with him, Doug constantly reminded us that the club is held together by the fabric of club unity, community, and family. Since taking the reins, Doug stresses his view of quality-over-quantity when it comes to membership in New Style. His goal is not that they are the biggest club they can be, but rather that they are the best, and he believes that having truly dedicated members is the only way to achieve that goal. Once a month in the basement of his house, the club meets in the entertainment room to discuss the club's latest and greatest activities. Often they decide where family get-togethers will take place, and plan family oriented activities like BBQ's, club bowling, and trips to the zoo.

Doug also believes in carrying on club tradition, especially when it comes to charity work. Since the club's inception in 1974, New Style has participated in serving local functions like annual toy and turkey drives, benefiting numerous agencies such as the local food banks, the Merced Fire Department, the Children's Hospital in Madera and the Patterson Migrant Farm Camp.

Doug's close knit family remains as "tight" as the paintjobs on his many masterpieces. His wife Susie is a great support to him, taking excellent care of the house and offering up her own creative tips and styling ideas regarding Doug's prized projects. "Doug had some 'wack' ideas, and I'm just glad I was there to set 'em straight," she jokes. As if the constant competition in the Lowrider culture isn't enough, he currently has toned it down a little bit, filling his momentary building void by coaching women's softball. Hey, with all the money he's spent, the hard work he's put into building "Heavy Hitter," he has to do something competitive.

Doug's story is one of dedication and hard work, and the virtues and rewards that come from being a positive member of society. Everything in Doug's world is very real, and expressive. He loves photographs, lowrider bikes, youth little league coaching and spending time with his close knit family, both at home, and in the club. As we scanned his entertainment room/pool-table/trophy room, the images kept coming. A humble man, Doug freely admits that even though this story is about him, he must thank his wife Susie for her 27 year commitment, in addition to commemorating the blessed remembrance of his father Francisco and his mother Dolores. Doug Vigil is a true leader in every sense of the word.