The club allows both cars and trucks in the club as long as they are built in the traditional lowrider style. You will see everything from the early Bombs, Big Body Cadillac's, 1950's Chevy trucks, Town Cars and various years of the timeless classic Impala. The club's cars have appeared in music videos and movies throughout the years. Peter Cruz's 1947 Fleetline "El Duran" was featured in the cult classic movie "Mi Vida Loca". One of the latest cars to debut is Joey Hernandez's 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V "Family Jewels". The officers and car committee work to ensure the member's cars are built properly and maintain the image within the club's standards.

A lot of Lowrider car clubs these days allow their members to fly club colors while riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles. Some like Techniques have established a motorcycle club within the club. In fact, Techniques can lay claim to having the oldest motorcycle club in lowriding. They started their motorcycle club in 1980, and are stronger than ever today. The club's motorcycles are as custom as their cars. Lot of chrome, paint and money has gone into the building of these two wheel rides just like their four wheeled vcounterparts. Not to be left out, the club also has a bicycle club for its younger members.

In its history, the Techniques have attended both small and large cars shows. In 2001, the club took a trip to the Las Vegas Super Show with a total of thirty one entries. In fact, they had the second most entries for the show, and, even more impressively, the club was awarded trophies for almost every category they entered. The club has sent a few rides out of state for show via car carrier, but many chapters have driven their cars on 13" wires to the long distance shows. The club has produced an annual car show in Irwindale, California to benefit the organization "Scholarship for Students". In 2008, they held a Bone Marrow Donor Drives to assist the organization with the building of their donor list.

Family and longevity have been the true keys to the success of this club. The Los Angeles chapter, aka the mother chapter of Techniques which is led by Ray Carrillo, still has their monthly meetings and Friday night outings at the "lot" in Baldwin Park. The chapter has been meeting at the "lot" for 29 years, and recently celebrated their remarkable 35 year anniversary. As with other clubs, Techniques makes sure to include the family in club activities at all times, and to hold family outings. The club has proven its longevity, boasting members from different generations of the same family. Thanks to this multi-generational diversity, there is no doubt that the Techniques will be around for many years to come. The members of Techniques live the life of a true Lowrider and believe in the saying "Techniques Forever, Forever Techniques"