After years of Lowriding and community outreach, Harvey decided to step back from Lowriding to raise his sons with his wife Gloria. Like with anything that Harvey does, he consumed himself in the lives of his sons. There were often trips to the lake and day long trips just for the boys and Harvey. As the boys got into high school, they wrestled for their high school so Harvey was often away with them at tournaments across the state of California. As the boys got older and started to form their own lives, Harvey stepped back into Lowriding and his community outreach on the East side of Bakersfield.

Employed in the Bakersfield school systems, Harvey has been able to do outreach and mentor many of Bakersfield's youth. Working in the East side of Bakersfield for as long as he had, his reputation garnered respect from not only the children in the schools but the administrators and local government.

Harvey assisted and pioneered a graffiti removal program and worked with the districts "Say No to Drugs" campaign and produced car shows on school campuses to raise scholarship funds for the disadvantage children in East Bakersfield. He has also done quite a few motivational speeches on the campuses of Bakersfield. His work has not gone unnoticed. He has received awards for tireless contributions to the schools and community.

I spent a spring morning with Harvey in Bakersfield to find out more about him and his Lowriding career. Harvey took me around to meet some individuals who he felt could give me insights on him. After meeting with them, it was even more apparent that Harvey's leadership and influence in the Lowrider Culture and the communities of Bakersfield has touched many lives.

Jamie Quinonez met Harvey when he was 14 years old and a freshman at East High in Bakersfield. Harvey was a Campus Supervisor and an Outreach Coordinator on the campus. Jamie and his friends looked up to Harvey because he was a guy from where they were from the East side of town and as Jamie explained, Harvey had it together, had nice cars and was considered the "main guy" in the East side. He was the guy they wanted to be like. Jamie joined "Carnales Unidos" at 16 years old and was instantly impressed with how professional the club was and the standards set by Harvey for the club. Eventually Jamie went away to college and came back to serve the community like Harvey did after his military service where he is now the principal of Mira Monte High School. Jamie and Harvey have remained close friends all these years.

Robert Arreola met Harvey 13 years ago when he started working for the Bakersfield School District. Over a course of a few months after meeting Harvey, Robert found that he and Harvey had lowriding in common as well as an interest in helping steer kids towards positive outlets. Harvey helped Robert incorporate Lowriding into his position as a Campus Supervisor to make a connection with the kids at the school he works at. Robert also credits Harvey with the style of cars he builds. He considers Harvey a huge influence and mentor as well as a friend.

Ron Beam of Beam Brothers Pinstriping has known Harvey for 35 years. Back in the mid 70's Harvey would bring Ron his cars as well as club cars to work on. Harvey was spending 5 to 10,000 dollars on a paintjob which at the time was unheard of. Harvey and Ron would collaborate on the paintjobs and the finish product would earn Harvey many awards at the car shows he attended. With a business and a personal relationship that has spanned 35 years, Ron summed up Harvey by describing him as a leader, a good guy and a trendsetter who is very deserving of this honor.