Leadership can be defined as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. The definition is perfect for a person in the Lowrider Culture that presides over a club and provides a positive influence to not only their club and the Lowrider Culture but to their community. The Lowrider Hall of Fame 2009 Leadership honoree is Harvey Reyes of Bakersfield's "Carnales Unidos" Car Club.

Born in 1952 in the state of Texas, Harvey Reyes spent his early years there until his family relocated to Bakersfield California in 1963. While in high school Harvey discovered Lowriding, and by saving his lunch money and his pay from working with his farm laborer father in the fields; he bought his first car at 16 years old. Harvey's first car was the classic 1964 Chevy Impala. Any money that came Harvey's way was saved so he could continue to work on his car. For a while he rode around Bakersfield with the help of a huge boulder in the trunk and the requisite Cragars mounted on the car. After high school, Harvey joined the United States Marine Corps, became a Military Policeman and continued to Lowride. He would bring his Impala to the base and cruise the town during the weekends.

In 1975, Harvey and a group of fellow Lowriders were hanging out at a car wash and park on Bakersfield's California Avenue. The guys kicked around the idea to form a car club. The club would have to not only unite Lowriders in the Bakersfield area but also benefit the East side neighborhoods in the surrounding areas as well. "Carnales Unidos" which stands for "Brothers United" was formed. The name was selected because of the simple fact that many of the members were from the different neighborhoods but were now coming together as one under that same plaque. The club chose the club colors of black and gold from the Imperials and they modeled the club after Lifestyle who at the time of the formation of "Carnales Unidos" was also a young club starting out but had already made a name for themselves. Harvey explained that club colors should mean something as well as the way the club is modeled and felt both the Imperials and Lifestyle were two clubs that had attributes "Carnales Unidos "needed in order to be a success.

Harvey and the "Carnales Unidos" car club mission was to educate the youngsters and steer them out of trouble and show them there are positive influences in their communities in the East side of Bakersfield. The second part of their mission was to show the positive influence that Lowriding could have on individuals as well. Harvey had the club active not only in Lowriding by representing Bakersfield and Kern County but also in the local community. The club maintained an active role in community events and by holding their own car shows, dances and toy drives as well as participating in parades, March of Dimes events and support not only the Bakersfield Police Department but the Bakersfield City Council as well.

In 1977, a new chapter was formed in Merced California and to this day is considered the most active of all of the "Carnales Unidos" chapters. Not long after a chapter was formed in Goshen California and Delano California. In the 1990's a chapter was formed in Coalinga California followed by a Wasco California chapter in 2005. Finally in 2006 a Central Coast chapter was also established. All of these chapters were formed with the same mission to nurture the youth in their cities as well as continue to education the community on the positive influence of the Lowrider Culture.