The club has been a home to a variety of vehicles, including big-body Cadillacs, Bombs, trucks, and, of course, Chevy Impalas from various model years. The builds range from mild customs, to cars with complete undercarriages. Regardless of the extent of the build, members' rides must meet and fulfill the club's pristine standards. A shining example of their dedication to the sport, the club even has a car that was built over 17 years ago by Together's president Adam Amarillas that still competes on the show circuit. The car still has the original paint, interior and murals that were done during the original buildup. Always working to improve their designs and concepts, the club promises to debut a few new rides in 2009. Together is also currently kicking around the idea of building a contender for the coveted "Lowrider of the Year" title.

Keeping family as the main focus and inspiration of Together Car Club, family members of club participants are included in all club functions, activities and even meetings, and are also strongly encouraged and allowed to wear the club's logo and colors. This sense of unity is the strongest bond for the club, and when you see Together at a show, you can see the members' families all pitching in to help one another to achieve their goals. Truly, it can be said that there is nothing like going to a show with your own set up, crew, and personal cheering squad to support you during the all-important trophy presentation! Together Car Club also plans its events around individual members' schedules, so that the families can all have a chance to get together and participate. Current President Adam Amarillas states, "When the family is involved, it gives them a better understanding of why we all love lowriding so much."

The club's plans for the next few years include boosting club membership numbers, as well as working to improve the quality of the existing members' rides. They also plan to continue to produce their highly successful Pico Rivera Sports Arena car show and annual Memorial Day picnic. Given the history and legacy that Together Car Club has created in the lowrider culture, there is no doubt they will be around for many more years to come.