Anthony Martinez
A Father's Passed-Down Talent and a Lack of Opportunities are Inspirations for one Airbrush and Tattoo ArtistBorn in Central America in the turbulent country of El Salvador, and growing up in the streets of Los Angeles around Santa Monica and Venice areas, Anthony Martinez knows all about struggle. The youngest of 7 children, Anthony moved into a house with his brothers and sisters upon his initial arrival in Los Angeles. Seeking the proverbial better life, he instead found confusion and tough times in the City of Angels in 1980. This was a time when gangs were running rampant, drugs were plentiful, and the city was ripped apart by constant violence. His sister enrolled him in Mount Vernon junior high school which was infested with gang activity, to the point that everywhere he went, he saw and felt the pressures of gang affiliation. "I didn't know anything about it, just thought it was the coolest thing since my family was doing the same thing at home," he recalls. As the months went by, he eventually got to know some of the gang members and started hanging out with them, smoking, and drinking with them, engaging in all of the usual activities these bad influences had bestowed upon him. He was becoming more involved with gangs, and less involved with progress, a choice that would prove very costly to him

After serving 7 years in the California Youth Authority for various offenses, he knew something had to change, something had to give. "I was completely lost and confused," he says. "I had no role models in my life, but somehow I managed to overcome that obstacle and learn about a higher power." He credits this newfound spiritual awareness as the key to his salvation. "I paroled in 1998, and met my wife for the first time. A year later, we got married and we are still married," he glows. He had his woman, now he just needed to find his calling, and, channeling memories of his childhood, he found it right before his eyes

"I can remember as a young child In El Salvador, sitting and watching my dad draw animal figures, his favorite one was an owl. He was a great artist but back then they had no artist recognitions," he states solemnly. "It was destined for me to pursue a special gift that was passed on to me. My dream is to be recognized as a talented artist." Using his father's passed down talent and lack of opportunities as his inspiration, Anthony got to work, setting the wheels of his dream in motion.

"As the years passed, I went from sketching to drawing beautiful pieces of art; then discovered how to use the airbrush and started airbrushing and creating murals, customizing on shirts, hats, or just about any piece of canvas I can get my hands on." In 2008 Anthony started his own business called "The Airbrush Studio", which features his custom airbrushing skills. He has also found opportunity offering a unique live experience with his art. "I offer event and party entertainment in which I go to private affairs, clubs & company promos, and perform live airbrushing for them," he explains. As a minor, Anthony also practiced tattooing with a homemade machine, and as his skills got better, he landed an apprenticeship at Venice Tattoos on the boardwalk for about two years. This launched his career as a tattoo artist which he is now doing professionally in his own private studio with an extensive portfolio to match. Forever branching out and creating, Anthony came up with another endeavor. "As I keep struggling as an artist to be discovered, I came up with another idea of having my own clothing line "A.M Style Fashion" in which I have printed my own artwork in hopes to make a living as an artist, and provide for my wife and kids," Anthony states proudly.

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