"My initial reaction at that time was the need to educate our fellow lowrider enthusiasts in recognizing individual accomplishments for people who spent their lives dedicated to the Lowrider lifestyle and culture. Recognize these individuals on their merits, values, and accomplishments in their specialized arenas of contribution such as the car builders, craftsmen, leaders, and people who directly influenced, contributed and formed what is recognized today as the Lowrider Movement. As Eddie and I discussed further, we later decided to present our concept to LRM Publisher Rudy Rivas. This effort was extremely important to Eddie as well as myself, in not only recognizing our own existence as lowriders, but from a historical perspective to educate the lowrider community in expelling myths, non-truths, and most importantly recognizing these legends for all they did, which allows us to enjoy our very unique love of the American dream. The fact that Lowrider Magazine, for many, is the unofficial document of record for this industry, the lowrider culture though extends many years prior to 1976 when the Pachucos in the 40's wanted to timestamp their own identity which destined us to be who we are today."