The junkyards weren't as fruitful as they once were, internet sites were popping up like crazy, competition was at an all-time high, bringing several newbie's into the game trying to make a name for themselves. Mike had an upper hand that trumped all of those obstacles; his brain. Under all that stiff hair lies a super-computer, a well of knowledge that has yet to be dried up and an uncanny ability to remember parts and places as well as contacts. Remaining confident in himself, Mike realized that he still needed to use these new tools of technology to reeducate himself of what is currently happening in today's world of classic car goods. "Ebay came in and now you have email, you can now use the technology to your advantage. I can take work to a swap meet, take a photo of a part, email it to a guy, get his approval and consummate the deal instead of buying dead inventory." he explains. He also flipped his product theory. "Instead of selling parts I started selling cars, which became good because not too many people tried to turn around and sell cars, there was less competition. Being true to my roots of selling vintage parts with the knowledge that was already in my head, I still knew what parts were worth, what people needed and had a good customer base with people who trusted me. I've had some good customers who have been with me for over 20 years," he states. "Recently with Fargo Automotive, I'm at a point where I'm helping and assisting on actually making parts for the bombs and the Impalas as well as other vehicles, providing what's necessary to complete someone's project," he explains. Parts ranging from mechanical to trims, emblems and other accessories are things that Mike knows will keep the customers happy and these classic cars rolling. "It's like baking cookies, when you run out of cookie dough you go out and make some more, but the main focus here is to make a great product that will be competitive with the other manufacturers."

Though his work days are long and the road to success has been full of obstacles, Mike has remained a well- connected man, counting family and friends as his main influences and sources of inspiration. Remembering times without pancake breakfasts, menudo mornings with his family, the stress of having to be away for days, sometimes weeks, just to get a part for a customer, Mike Ramos truly appreciates his family's patience. "That's the breaks of the game," states Mike. Without their constant help & support, he wouldn't be who he is today, both personally and professionally. Down since '77, he and his wife Touch'e saw daughter Denisha his first born and son Michael Jr. come into the world, through those experiences he remained focused and never once stopped chasing his dream. Fast forward to the present day and Lil' Mike and Mike Sr. cruise the scene with their classics, so it's still a family thing.

He comes from the old school, a handshake is his word, he even offers layaway on parts and cars to help people achieve their automotive dreams, remembering what it was like for him during the times he struggled. To this day Mike still talks to Don from Don's Obsolete, the two remain good friends and business associates, and Ramos remains very grateful for his help & support. This long lasting friendship and business relationship is the testament of the number one rule of good business; never burn bridges because you never know when you may need to cross them again.