In closing, he shares his belief of the benefits and advantages of being involved in car collecting. "You need to educate the next generation and show them how to carry the torch, so to speak," he says. "Invest in an old car, it gets the family closer and creates fond memories. It's a good investment, you'll be amazed to see how much of a small world it is! Cruise nights and family events are great for meeting people & creating new friendships. It's a good thing and cheap entertainment for all, you don't even need a chrome/tricked out show car," Mike says beaming with pride. He suggests to start with what he calls a "starter kit" and grow. If it's not your thing, then sell it, most of the time you even make a profit! Now how safe is that? Money you can drive & enjoy rather than just leaving it in a bank or lending and spending it. Seeing the smile on Mike's face as he professes his love for this game, it sounds like pretty good advice to me.

Future projects for Mike Ramos include Classic Car Financing, Low Rider apparel, making new and old Pickel posters, helping folks find those much needed NOS parts, and even publishing a book about lows and customs!

For those interested in Mike Ramos' services you can contact him at or call him at (562) 716-2977.