Keeping Tabs On TiresOnce you've locked up the proper hitch and suspension aids, and you've properly loaded up your gear, you're out of the woods, right? Well, almost. If you really want to be sure that your cargo is protected, a tire pressure monitoring system is an invaluable tool.

This system continually monitors a vehicle or trailer's tires, and alerts the driver when pressures fall below safe levels. These devices consist of small sensors and receivers, which send a message to a display module mounted on the vehicle dash. This kind of system can be used with any tires and on virtually any vehicle, including your trailer and pickups with dual rear axles.

A tire monitoring system is particularly helpful with a tow vehicle and trailer, where an early low-pressure warning can prevent a potentially dangerous tire blowout and loss of cargo. The system also helps you avoid being stranded with a flat tire. Plus, it can save you money, since properly inflated tires last longer and contribute to improved fuel economy.

Another low-tech but effective tire pressure monitoring device is the TireWise Precision Tire Pressure Monitor. This simple monitor screws onto the valve stem of the tow vehicle and trailer tires and tells you at a glance if tire pressure is right on low as little as five-percent. Green is good, red is low.