Exclusive Ice Cube Interview By Reinaldo M. RobinsonLRM: Well, Cube, we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. We know that you're shooting a video here at the Super Show.

Cube: Well, I appreciate LRM letting me come through and shoot this video called "Chrome and Paint." Ain't more chrome and paint on the West Coast than up in this building, so you know that it's a perfect marriage between the video and what's going on here at this show. Then later, I'm gonna get up on the stage and do my thang.

LRM: So what's the concept of the video?

Cube: Just chrome and paint, baby. You know, just showing the cars, showing what people are putting together. They're works of art. You know, these cars can match with any art in the world, painting or sculptures.

LRM: Isn't that the truth? We have some really talented people in the lowriding community. So what type of cars are you rolling these days?

Cube: Well, I have a couple of cars and you can best believe that they have chrome and paint on 'em.

LRM: What's your favorite lowrider?

Cube: I'm sort of a traditionalist. I like the six-four Chevy, but I'm coming around to the '57 rag.

LRM: We're sure that there are a few indoors that would be for sale... for you (laugh).

Cube: (laughing) Yeah, I'm cool. I'm going to let the people who really have the time and effort to put in do their thing. If you don't put it together yourself, what's the use; you ain't lowriding. I don't want to buy no one else's project. I'll just do a project of my own, you know what I'm saying?

LRM: We feel you on that. What else is going on with you right now?

Cube: Just the album right now, it'll be out by the time that you read this. "Chrome and Paint" is just one of the songs off of the album and it's got some real heaters on it.

LRM: We know that you're wearing many hats these days, rapping, acting and producing. What film projects do you have coming up?

Cube: Yeah, I got some, but I'm keeping them under my hat, because you know that we always got something cocked.

LRM: You know we're all waiting for the next Friday movie!

Cube: Don't worry, we got it cocked, but right now we're just on the music tip for a minute.

LRM: So is that how you normally work? Flipping back and forth from the music to the movie thing? Or do you try to do them together?

Cube: Sometimes, I do them both together, but when I can, I try to separate the two. That way, I can give each, either the film or the music, the time that it needs, without rushing nothing. That's what I try to do.

LRM: When you make your movies you go from one extreme to another. Like Anaconda to Friday to Are We There Yet? Is that part of the master plan to hit all of the demographics?

Cube: I try to do what's good. I try not to get stuck in one kind of movie. I just try to do the good scripts that come my way or put them together myself. So I'm always doing Hollywood movies, like the Anacondas and the Triple Xs. But I also do the Fridays, Barber Shops and Are We There Yets? That's kinda my stuff, so I'm always looking to see what's out there, but also working in the lab.

LRM: Sounds good. Any parting thoughts for our Lowrider readers?

Cube: Keep hopping and keep that chrome and paint coming.