BumpsJoe Moe'60 Chevy WagonSanta Rosa, California

Only 14 years old, Joe Moe got a good start on his first lowrider. It helps that he was guided by the right people. Joe's "Wagonator" is very impressive and features a full Arc Audio sound system installed by Kustom Kar Audio of Santa Rosa. Four Robert Zeff Signature Series Arc Audio amplifiers power up four 12-inch Flatline D-4 subwoofers. If that wasn't enough, two additional 10-inch woofers were built into the kick panels.

The dash was modified to accommodate three-way speakers, while the rear of the vehicle features 511/42-inch Signature Series midrange components for the full "surround sound" effect. The hand-built center console is equipped with an Alpine 10-inch monitor controlled through a 9860 Alpine head unit. Five additional Rosen car show monitors are mounted throughout the vehicle.

The install took Kustom Kar Audio more than 500 man-hours, and that was just for the audio portion of the install. The interior panels were wrapped in Italian butterscotch leather by Vince at Seat Works in Sacramento, California.