How do you feel about being a Playboy Playmate?Kayla: It is such an honor to be a Playmate because there are only 12 girls picked to be Playmates each year. I have seen the selection process and know that not just anyone can be a Playmate, so it's very flattering to be one of the 12 Playmates. It has changed my life dramatically and I feel like I owe it all to Playboy for all of the work I have received because of them.

Jessica: I don't think it hit me yet that I'm a Playmate. I feel extremely lucky because they only choose 12 Playmates a year out of thousands of submissions, so to be one of the 12 is pretty amazing. I feel lucky that they saw something in me that they liked.

Tell us one secret about the Playboy mansion?Kayla: Considering there is a reality TV show on what goes on behind closed doors at the mansion, there are not many secrets at the mansion, or the secrets aren't kept for long!

Jessica: What happens at the Playboy mansion stays at the Playboy mansion [laughing].

Have you ever kissed a girl? What spot on her body did you enjoy kissing the most?Kayla: No comment [laughing].

Jessica: Yes I've kissed a girl before. Girls have way softer lips than guys. By the way, Elle Navarro is the best kisser ever!