Where do you like to hang?
Believe it or not, I like hanging out with the guys from the station. They're like my brothers, especially if Eric, Syphe, Felli or any other power mixers are mixing somewhere. I'll go support them whenever I can.

What do you look for in guy?
Someone who's stronger than me, not physically but mentally. I take care of a lot of people in my life, which makes me controlling and having to "wear the pants" in my family. I don't want to date a "skirt boy." I need a man who's gonna make me feel safe and take charge of a situation. I have so many things I'm doing it's like get on or get off, because I don't have time to stop for you. I need a man who can do that and be willing to ride with me. Maybe even smack me around sometimes, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).

We noticed that you have a tongue piercing, what is that for?
I got this piercing when I was 18! I thought it was sexy then and I still do. It's just for fun!