Go back but prepare to be stared at like you are out of your mind. Make sure your friends think she had it out for you first before you go trying to pull it out on your old instructor. - Monica

Do it. If I could've slept with this one hot professor I had in private school, I would have hiked up my uniform and stained up his desk faster than spilled coffee. - Imelda

Girls know when a guy wants to sleep with them; younger guys sometimes lack that skill. Be careful before you make a fool out of yourself. - Toni

Thanksgiving brings me one month closer to having to spend time with my boyfriend's annoying mother. The only thing we have in common is that we both drink red wine heavily in each other's presence, only I stop when I don't see her, you know what I mean? Anyway, I want to do something nice for him on Christmas but I know his mom will be drunk and run her mouth, how do I go without knocking this Puta, out?

Like the old song says, "Red red wine, stay close to me!" Get drunk and forget she exists. - Paola

Get sauced and if she goes off, give her a stiff shot to the chin. She might not even remember it but be ready for the old bat to have some fights in her, she sounds bitter as all hell. - Serena

I would go and get some low-key revenge, like spike her punch extra hard and don't drink and watch her make a complete fool out of herself then go have sex with your boyfriend on her jacket in the guestroom. - Katherine

Go and spread love and peace then if she comes out her face, spread your fingers apart and slap her to pieces in front of everyone, something lovely. - Denise

I got caught cheating earlier this year and now I want to make up for it with something really nice and out of the ordinary. I'm truly sorry and wouldn't do it ever again but how can I buy her something without it looking like I'm buying back her trust?

Propose to her if you're that serious. - Chantal

If you think that you're not going to come off as looking suspicious by buying some outlandish gift, you're wrong. Just give it time and keep your pee pee in your pants from now on, but a shopping spree never did hurt a girl. - Juanita

Just buy her lots of shoes, purses and like two really nice coats. Spend until it hurts, then spend some more. Good luck cheater. - Margarita

The only four words that can save you now are "Will you marry me?" Take it or leave it pretty boy. - Tasha

You gave up sex tips for the guys, any gift ideas before it's too late?

Chocolates, roses, clothes, cars, jewelry. Any of these are winners. Combine them for better reactions. - Heather

Shoes, clothes, iPod, clothes for her baby and of course diamonds. - Michelle

Mind blowing sex. Leave her gasping for breath and wanting more when she can gather herself. If you fall short just go down on her until she crushes your head with her legs. - Raquelle

Go downtown. Then go downtown again and cop some diamonds for ya girl. Hint Hint. - Jenay