Make-Up: Gabriela Ramos

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Measurements: 34B
Height: 5’ 5”
Hometown: Riverside, California
Occupation: Working on it!
Ethnicity: Hispanic and Native American
Favorite Quote: “Nothing worth it… it’s a piece of cake.”

Girls: What are a few things that make you feel sexy?
Karissa: Hmm … dancing in front of a crowd, PDA, heels … and wouldn’t you like to know more!

Girls: What’s your favorite sports team?
Karissa: San Diego Chargers, Lakers, and Angels.

Girls: What’s your favorite music?
Karissa: Anything that moves me … whether it’s my mind, body, or soul. I have to feel it!

Girls: What makes you smile?
Karissa: My family and friends.

Girls: What are a few things a guy should know if they are trying to start a relationship with you?
Karissa: I’m definitely a handful … Sassy is an understatement! But most importantly, don’t try and cage me in because I can’t be tamed.

Girls: Do you consider yourself kinky?
Karissa: (laughing) Hehe.

Girls: Have you ever done “it” in front of other people?
Karissa: That’s top secret! (smile)

Girls: How long do you like for it to last?
Karissa: Until I see STARS!

Girls: What are some perks about being in the model industry?
Karissa: Well I’m new to this whole thing, but what I love the most is meeting new people.