Make-up: Jules
Car club: Ghetto Fam

LRG: What is your favorite place to eat?
Katherine: I'm a very simple girl, so my favorite place to eat is Olive Garden (smile).

LRG: What's your favorite food?
Katherine: I love Colombian and Dominican food.

LRG: What do you do for fun?
Katherine: I usually work out or go shopping.

LRG: What's you favorite drink?
Katherine: That would have to be Pina Colada!!!

LRG: Blackberry or Team iPhone?
Katherine: Blackberry...that's what I use to follow @msbosseditor, @artisticcurves, @iecstudios, & myself @katmonsalve on twitter...(laughing).

LRG: What's your favorite dance that's out right now, and why?
Katherine: Hmmm....I would have to say my favorite dance is Salsa because I'm great at it, and that's the most popular dance in my country.

LRG: Do you find women attractive?
Katherine: Yes!!! You have to give an attractive woman credit.

LRG: What type of men do you like?
Katherine: I like an honest & hard workingman, that will spoil me to death (laughing).