LRG: What's your nationality?
Nikita: I'm half Chinese, half French.

LRG: Where are you from?
Nikita: I was born and raised in Silverdale, WA but now I live in San Diego, CA.

LRG: What do you do on your spare time?
Nikita: Well, I'm a beer pong champ, I hold weekly tournaments at my house (smile).

LRG: How long have you been modeling for?
Nikita: I've been modeling for about 6 years.

LRG: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?
Nikita: I have a tattoo on my arm that says "big fish" in Arabic.

LRG: If you were on a basketball team, what position would you like to play?
Nikita: I would be point guard cause I like calling the shots... always (laughing).

LRG: What sport do you find the sexiest?
Nikita: It used to be UFC, because I like watching the guys wrestle each other while all lathered up in Baby Oil (laughing), but I don't watch it much anymore since I heard that oil is illegal now.

LRG: If you could meet one famous athlete who would it be and why?
Nikita: Muhammad Ali because he's my hero. The Greatest of All Time!!! But his mama called him Cassius Clay, so I'm gonna call him Cassius Clay (smile).

LRG: Do you like watching sports?
Nikita: I only watch UFC and boxing matches at home. Football, Basketball, and Baseball I can't really get into it unless I'm at a live game. Must be that cold beer and hotdogs that make the games so much better at the Stadium (smile).