If you were granted three wishes, what would that first wish be? My first wish would be for me and my family to always be healthy and full of life. I also want to look young forever and be filthy rich.

Do you consider yourself to be low key or a party girl?I'm definitely real low key, but don't get me wrong, I love to have a good time.

Have you ever cheated?No, I have never cheated.

Wow, a girl that's hot and loyal. I think I'm in love! So, Nayer, what makes you sexy?Well, the fact that I'm confident and I'm a go-getter!

Sagia Rising StarFor many women in the entertainment industry the "stand there and look pretty" approach to fame proves to be enough, but for some, living life as eye-candy alone just isn't satisfying. Such is the case for rising star Sagia Dominique Castaneda.

In your opinion, how is Miami sexy? To me, Miami is a melting pot with so many different cultures coming together, and in that mix you get beautiful sexy people. It's a city where there's always something to do, beautiful skylines and great weather.

Yes, we must agree with you there. Do you think that the men are different in Miami than in Cali? To be honest, I don't know much about Cali men, but from the few that I know they seem to be more laid back. Miami men are more aggressive and straightforward.

Really? That's interesting. Well, which coast do you think has the hottest girls, east or west? And why? Well I'm going to have to say the East Coast because I'm from Miami, and I stick with my side (smiling).

What type of guys do you like and which ones do you end up attracting?Physically, I don't have a particular type of man that I like. For me, you must have a great personality, confidence and a sense of humor. I love someone who can make me laugh. I have attracted all kinds; you name it and they've approached me.

With looks like that, we're sure that you get approached by them all (smiling). Do you enjoy sports? If so which are you favorite teams?I love them! I enjoy watching baseball and football, but my favorite is basketball. I like the Miami Heat. You know, I have to rep for the home team.

What turns you on? A challenge. I don't like anything that's too easy. Whether it pertains to a man, my work, a board game, anything. I like the feeling of having to hustle for whatever it is or go through a few roadblocks before I get the prize. Like, once I get it, I feel that it was well deserved.

Do you consider yourself to be low key or a party girl? Definitely low key, I rarely ever go out. I'd prefer to do dinner, movies, bowling or hang out at the house and invite a few people over. I don't like the feeling of people in my personal business and when you go out that's all it is, everybody wants to know "who, what, where and why."

Have you ever had your heart broken? Oh yes, and it's a terrible thing to go through at the time. Time heals all wounds and once it was over I came out a better women. It really helped me to grow and mature into who I am today as a person.

So have you ever cheated?Yes, one time and it was when I was in high school. I was dating this guy for a while and I found out that he cheated on me several times. I remained faithful. Another few months went by and he cheated again, this time with a very close friend of mine. After I found this out, in my mind I was completely done with him, but I didn't verbally tell him that I was breaking up with him. I began to talk to someone else before I officially broke it off with him and, yes, he knew because I told him.