In this section, we bring to you three of the hottest starters in beautiful miami, florida-nayer, Sagia and angelica. Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter, it did! Check out miami's starting lineup.

An Gelica Ms .CurvesLatina women from all over the Caribbean and South America make Miami sexy," says Angelica C., who should know all about being sexy. "We come in all color shapes and sizes, hence my AKA, 'Ms. Curves.' Miami is known for its diversity, which is exotic and sexy." We can't argue with that.

So, Angelica, in your opinion, which coast has the sexiest women?I guess it depends on what you like. I've seen pretty girls both on the East and West Coast. But if I had to choose, East Coast girls, most definitely!

So are you attracted to women? If so, would you ever get down with one? No, I'm not attracted to women. I mean, don't get me wrong, I admire women and their beauty, but I wouldn't get down with one.

What type of guys do you like and which ones do you end up attracting? Well, I'm attracted to different types of men. As far as looks, he doesn't have to be the finest dude, but his eyes and smile are important to me. If he doesn't have a good personality, no matter how cute he is he will be ugly to me. I like guys who are cool, down to earth, not too cocky, funny, and treat me good... respectful! I can't have a "metro" guy. He needs to have a swagger about him. I always seem to be attracted to the quiet types, the type that lay in the cut.

That's cool, do you enjoy sports or do you play any? I do! I'm very athletic and like to play not watch sports. I can sit and watch basketball or football, and if any Colombian teams are playing soccer, live, not on TV. My favorite sport is basketball. I used to play shooting guard in high school.

Tell us this and be very honest, would you rather date a guy who was rich and ugly or fine and broke?(Laughing) Ummmm... I think money does help a situation, but I couldn't be with someone just for his money. I have to be attracted to him and if he has money, that's a plus (smiling).

What turns you on?A guy who I'm attracted to mentally and physically; he just has to kiss me and rub me the right way and it's on!

Do you consider yourself to be low key or a party girl?Well, I can do both! I like to lay in the cut, but depending on my mood I can be a party animal!

How did you become interested in modeling? My best friend dared me to go to a model search. I went and got picked up by the agency. In a few days, they called me for a video. I've kept growing in my career ever since.

For all those guys out there who wants to get you drunk at the club, what's your favorite drink?Let's go with Patron with rose lime juice chilled or Grey Goose with cranberry.

Nayer Go - GetterContinuing our threesome of Miami hotties is the delightful Nayer. This Sunshine State model admits to wanting to look young forever. You can't blame her; if you looked like Nayer, you'd want to keep your looks forever too.

What makes Miami soooooo sexy?Well, I think what makes Miami sexy is the weather and most importantly the beautiful-looking people. It's a melting pot.

Yes, we definitely agree with you there! In Miami you see a little bit of everything. Which coast do you think has the hottest girls? East or West?I think both sides have beautiful women, just different styles.

Good answer (smiling). What type of men do you like, and which type do you attract?I like men who give me something about them to admire. To me, that always keeps the flames burning. In my opinion, I usually attract a little bit of everything, I guess (laughing).

Do you enjoy sports? Which are your favorite teams?I definitely love sports. I love the Miami Heat and the Dolphins!