On third base we find "El Padrino" (people, we really need to start thinking about what we call ourselves. Are you really "the godfather" asking me this next question?) :

Sancho, I have an '87 Chevy Monte Carlo. It's not an SS but I have SS logos on it. Am I frontin' too hard or just adding a bit of class to my whip? And should I try and cruise it without working on the engine first? It has 24s on it.

I got two words for you, sell it! (Shout out to "Big J" from www.royalswagger.com for that quote of the day.)

Our last question is a serious one that many people may never have to ask, but all should know in the event that it takes place in your home. "Snitchin' Boo" from L.A. wrote in:

Sancho, At a car show I met a girl whose man and I were crimeys back in the day. He caught life and I only came out with two years. Her and I have been seeing each other and I feel like I'm not doing no wrong dating the homie's girl. He can't see her no more and I can do her right. They got two kids together and I don't trip off that. What do I do?

My answer to you, Boo, is that your name says enough. You're a rat and you deserve whatever horrible acts you face. A true man would never do the things that you seem to be committing daily. Dry snitching will never will be cool. Dating the homie's girl while he's locked up is a crime unto itself. Don't snitch, don't lie and don't do things now that you're not comfortable with having to pay for later.

Thank you, Ladies and Gentleman, Homeboys and Homegirls, and all who enjoy our truthful commentary. Next month, we tackle more serious issues such as the people who get lonely come Holiday time and make retarded phone calls to their exes beggin' for the backside or those who regift wack gifts
Until next time,