Sharing your emotions and the truth is a must. But what about sharing a friend with your better half?

I'm a completely secure woman. If that's what my man wants, he probably would get it. I figure it like this, if he wants it bad enough, he will get it whether I'm there or not, so if he's worth it, then I will be a part of his fantasy come to life.

Have you been to L.A.? If so, what's the difference between men from Texas and L.A.?

Yes, I have been to L.A. to go to the Playboy Mansion and for many photo shoots. Men are going to be men no matter where they live. You just have to be able to distinguish the real from the fake.

And the difference between the women?

I have yet to meet a woman from L.A. who I don't want to punch in the face, but I'm sure that it's just the quality of people that I'm around. If I went to go have fun instead of work, I'm sure that I could meet some cool chicks. Until then, yuck!

Our photographer Edgar brags that he sleeps butt nekked. Do you?

I hate clothing; it's so binding, especially when you're trying to sleep. My friend once got a bite in a bad place, and ever since she told me about it, I have to at least wear a thong, but if my man is home, I leave them off just in case we both have nice dreams.

What's the one thing that absolutely makes a man a man?

Um, duh! We learned that in preschool. No, I'm just playing. I'd say his touch. A woman's hand can never do what a man's can.

Who do you like better? A buff and arrogant dude? Or a lanky and confident one?

Lanky and confident. Muscles don't hurt, but arrogance is disgusting... in women too.

Fear Factor or American Idol?

Fear Factor. I love to see sexy people make asses out of themselves. It makes them seem real. We are all retarded; just some people are too big-headed to admit it.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have a big black panther tat crawling down my back. It used to have my husband's name back there; I know, I know, I was young and dumb. Then I became old and dumb and covered it up with an animal.

Okay, we've been harassing you about being the perfect woman. So how would you define the perfect man?

No man is perfect, but an ideal man is honest, family- and church-oriented, funny, knows how to cook and caters to my every desire.