What's worse, a cheating boyfriend or a cheap boyfriend?

I think that a cheating boyfriend is the worst. I can make my own money!

Are you single?

Yes, I'm single. No man can handle me the way that I need to be handled on a regular basis, but I do have a special friend, though!

What are the major misconceptions that men make about you?

Men seem like they're afraid to approach me. When they see me in the street, they say stupid sh*t like, daaammm look at those jugs. I mean, girls always hear comments like that and when we do you already know what we think. We think that you're a loser.

Guys dream about having a girl like you. Give us two things that most men don't know when it comes to satisfying women.

Most men don't know that they have to be gentle with a woman like me, but at the same time they don't know that you have to be as equally rough. Hahaha [winks]

What turns you on?

I like a nice smile. You have to have nice clean white teeth.

What turns you off?

Men in flip-flops and bad breath. Yuck!

Your house is on fire. If you had to take two things with you, what would they be?

My cat Tootsie and my Amex card. I can't leave home without it, especially in a fire.

What's better? Stick or automatic?

I might need my hands for other things while I'm driving, so I'm gonna say automatic.

Partying or clubbing? Or a Blockbuster night?

Both. I don't have to hang out all night in the club; that's so not ladylike.

Hard liquor or beer?

Are these really choices? Well, if I had to choose, I would say hard liquor, beer is such a guy thing.

Motel 7 or the Hyatt?

If I'm going to just go to sleep Motel 7 will do. If I'm gonna party a little, have fun with a couple of my friends, it has to be the Hyatt, a suite!

A bigger package, a bigger wallet or a bigger heart?

I need a man with a big heart. Money is important, but not the most important thing to me. I'm a good girl and I can find a way to get the things that I want, but no matter how hard you try you should know that money can't buy love! As far as packages are concerned, a 7-inch long would fit me perfectly [winks]!

Do you have a website? Or any special shout-outs?

I want to thank everyone for supporting me and showing me love wherever I go, and you can also check me out on www.myspace.com/sexymandee.