Peggy Bunker
Peggy Bunker

There are many White American Professional Women like MYSELF & many others either DATING or MARRIED to Mexican or Hispanic Men in America that recently ATTENDED the 2014 World Cup Soccer in Brazil that Germany WON the 2014 World Cup by venturing out to Brazil's FAVELAS by paying TRIBUTE to the GANGSTERS & BAD BOYS of Brazil's URBAN SUBCULTURE ENVIRONMENT where the THEME was the RAP or HIP-HOP Music Culture & Fashion Narrative of Brazil's FAVELAS compelling LOWRIDER Magazine that General Motors (GM) which is the largest Automaker in the World has CEO Mary Barra's who is the highest Woman Executive that LOWRIDER Magazine should REFLECT the Styles of Women around the World that love LOWRIDER cars.  As a SEX RADICAL White American woman, there is a BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK August 11-August 24 2014 titled PORSCHE FOR HER: A STORIED BRAND TRIES TO WIN OVER WOMEN by Kyle Stock promoting the idea that American Women are willing to spend $75,000 US Dollars-$150,000 US Dollars for a German Sports Car when IN REALITY many Professional Women from around the World are willing to pay less money for a FUNKY General Motors Car that is American which LOWRIDER Magazine should put forth in it's articles!!!  As a White American woman Journalist from San Jose California USA with a Dangerous-Looking Mexican CHOLO GANGSTER Boyfriend with a Shaved Head & Tattoos, LOWRIDER must UNDERSTAND that the US Government BAILED OUT General Motors (GM) in 2009 where 55% of American Women, 71% of Mexicans or Hispanics in America & 94% of Black Americans voted for President Obama & the Democratic Party in the 2012 American Presidential Elections wanting CHANGE & moving America FORWARD in terms of the Social, Political & Economic Narrative turning America into a RAP or HIP-HOP Music Culture & Fashion Country that the United Kingdom & Europe must FOLLOW & IMPLEMENT!!!!

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