Peggy Bunker
Peggy Bunker

As a White American woman Journalist from San Jose California USA with a Dangerous-Looking Mexican CHOLO GANGSTER Boyfriend with a Shaved Head & Tattoos, American Actresses & Fashion Models Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Victoria Justice, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, Mary Kate Olsen, Kirstin Dunst, Hope Solo, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski & Teresa Palmer in 3-inch & above Black High-Heel Shoes with Black Stockings with Suspenders or Black Fishnet Panty-Hose with Suspenders ATTACHED to a Mini-Skirt & Tank-Top or Shorts & Lingerie POSE or MODEL with Dangerous-Looking Mexican CHOLO GANGSTERS with a Shaved Head & Tattoos along with their LOWRIDER cars that bounces UP & DOWN for LOWRIDER Magazine of Los Angeles California USA!!!  There are many White American Professional Women like MYSELF & many others either DATING or MARRIED to Mexican or Hispanic Men in America that recently ATTENDED the 2014 World Cup Soccer in Brazil that Germany WON the 2014 World Cup by venturing out to Brazil's FAVELAS by paying TRIBUTE & SOLIDARITY to the GANGSTERS & BAD BOYS of Brazil's URBAN SUBCULTURE where the THEME was the RAP or HIP-HOP Music Culture & Fashion Narrative of Brazil's FAVELAS that CHANGING the MINDS of SOCIAL EXPRESSIONS by these Women America Celebrities that were COMPUTER HACKED where EXPLICIT & PROVOCATIVE IMAGES were released that can be taken as an OPPORTUNITY to perform for the LOWRIDER car culture showing these American Celebrities in the RAP or HIP-HOP Music Culture & Fashion Narrative!!!!  As a SEX RADICAL White American woman, the White Women of America ABANDON their MODESTY of a PRIVILEGED & SHELTERED UPBRINGING by being more EXPRESSIVE of their BODIES by wearing RAUNCHY STREET WALKER ATTIRE that is EXPLICIT & PROVOCATIVE reflecting the Fashion Styles of Mexican or Hispanic Women of America's Mexican or Hispanic BARRIOS or Brazilian Women of Brazil's FAVELAS through PROMOTION & LEGITIMACY!!!!

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