Xavier "Harvey" Reyes of Bakersfield, CA., has had a passion for fixing up cars since the early '70s. "I got interested in the Lowrider element and the organization of a club," says Harvey. In 1975, Carnales Unidos car club was started in Bakersfield with the vision of being a community-oriented car club. As founder and first president of the club, Harvey committed himself to bringing in people from different neighborhoods to come together as a unified club. "After thirty-eight years, we still have the same vision for the club and we are still committed to the community," he says proudly. These are not just words, either. Every year, the club does a benefit show for their community and the list of people and organizations that the club has helped through these shows is endless since they have been doing it since the '70s. "The club's focus has always been to help our community in any way we can, and we get a lot of support from the community and other car clubs. We would not be able to do this without them," Harvey explains. Throughout the years, Harvey has had multiple cars but in 1991, he and his wife purchased this 1964 Impala. "My goal was to have a decent car to represent our car club, our city, and our community in a respectable manner." The build was such a long process that Harvey had car parts laying around in the garage, bedroom, and even the kitchen. He got help from Gabe, who assembled the car in his garage and also received assistance from Bobby Morris and Tony Rodriguez. "The build of a car can be stressful but the end result outweighs the all those headaches and I believe that with the support of your family and the praise of God that anything is possible," says the Lowrider veteran. "I feel that I've been blessed. I will be sixty in December and I still am in good health to be able to work on cars with the same passion and to be a leader in my community." Harvey would like to thank his Fresno and Merced club chapter presidents Mickey and Bengie for helping to continue the club's legacy in their areas even though it might be tough at times. Harvey would like to thank his wife, Gloria, his three sons, Harvey Jr., Harvey III, Cirilo, and any of the clubs that they have come in contact with the car club in the last thirty-eight years.

Tech Specs
“Game IV Life”

Owner: Xavier “Harvey” Reyes

Vehicle: 1964 Impala SS

City/State: Bakersfield, CA

Club: Carnales Unidos

Engine: 327 with Flowmaster headers, Proform, Street & Performance, Billet Specialties and three head carburetor, AC Delco, Champion, Summit Racing, Optima, Diehard, Autolite, Interstate and Flex-A-lite. Hernan and Tiger did all the engraving found on the car while Roberts Chrome did all the chrome and gold platting.

Body/Paint: Daniel Vasquez and Trends Shops did the two-tone Light Brown and Maroon Metallic. Bobby Negrete added the pinstripping. Ron Beam added the murals under the fender walls.

Interior: Tim’s Upholstery did the original leather.

Setup: Edmonds Hydraulics installed the two-chrome pump set up.

Tires: 5.20s Premium Sportway.

Wheels: 13x7-inch Zenith.