Rocky will be the first to tell you that he does not do all he does for the club and Lowriding alone. He acknowledges his wife, kids, and grandkids for all of their support. He sends a special thanks to all his good and loyal friends that have always supported him. Tutu, Leonzo, Rudy, Chinky, Albert, Big Joe Epstein, his brother, Rascal, who has been there from the start and provided his unique and one-of-a kind designs on all of the club shirts he prints. He also thanks Danny Boy and Groupe So Cal Chapter, and David “The Millionaire” Gonzales for his support at all of the events and his great cooking. Rocky wishes to extend his gratitude to Dave Campbell, who provides the park area at Bonelli Park for their annual event. Rocky would also like to thank the car clubs that have support the Bomb Club Original events over years. Without them, the events would not be a success.

Rocky’s contribution to Lowriding has been felt by many,and there is no doubt that as an individual, Rocky has made a positive impact on this great culture of ours. He has been Lowriding for a long time and has been a part of the evolution of the culture; it’s safe to say that Rocky will leave his mark on Lowriding long after the wheels have stopped turning on his Chevy. Next time you are cruising down Whittier Boulevard on a Sunday afternoon, look for the Bomb Club Originals plaque in the back of a Chevy Bomb; chances are it will be Rocky cruising, or as he puts it, “taking the long way home.”