Clark has been a proud member of Uso car club for a year and a half but has known the Lima, OH., chapter of Uso for at least eight years. “I’ve known those guys for a long time from going to shows, but I never thought I would have a car nice enough to join [them],” says Clark. The Detroit chapter of Uso is actually closer to Clark, but he decided to join that chapter in order to be able to represent Ohio. “I drive three hours to Lima for my club meeting,” he says with pride. Of course, three hours feels like three minutes when you’re behind the wheel of a clean ’62 like this one! Clark would like to thank Bert at the Chevy Shop for helping to make this dream ’62 a reality and sends his regards and gratitude to his Uso Car Club family for always supporting him.

Tech Specs “Blue Collar”

Owner: Clark Miller

Vehicle: 1962 Impala Convertible

City/State: Eastlake, OH

Club: Uso

Engine: The Chevy Shop built the stock 327 engine, which features chrome as far as the eye can see.

Body/Paint: Clark had Bert and his crew at the Chevy Shop layer a Silver Blue Metallic paint on his ’62 Impala, achieving a classic look.

Interior: Dave’s Upholstery stitched together the stock pattern interior on the convertible.

Sound System: Ensuring his stock look, Clark installed the CD/MP3 player in the glove box and hid the Diamond speakers in order to preserve the timeless feel of the Impala.

Tires: 155/80R13.

Wheels: Chrome 13-inch.