With his family and fellow car club behind him, Eddie got down to business in making the car everything it needed to be to live up to his expectations. All of Bakersfield was abuzz about the project, and Eddie sent the Lincoln to Trends to have it painted. Once the car was there, Joe from Trends laid down a beautiful Brandy/Purple combination that just floored Eddie when he got his first glimpse of the work. Pinstripe work was also carried out on the car, done expertly by Jay Warner of Bakersfield, who also added murals that can be seen all over the car. A classy tweed and vinyl mixture was stitched into the interior by Ramon, of Manaco in Bakersfield, CA., while a two pump chrome setup was installed by Raudel Medina of Cruzers Hydraulics, based out of McFarland, CA. Blessing the Lincoln with the proper sound equipment, Jay, at Audio Warehouse of Bakersfield installed a JVC head unit, Pioneer speakers, and four TVs inside the interior of this amazing mid-‘90s classic. Eddie topped off the build by adding a sliding rag and a chrome undercarriage, creating a rolling memorial to his baby girl, Jilean.

Eddie would like thank his Aztec Image car club members, his two brothers, Marcos and Javier, who helped him a lot with the car, and he would like to give a special thanks to his wife Mayra who continues to support him. He would also like to dedicate this feature to his first-born daughter, Jilean Cano, who is in heaven. “She is my treasure,” he says.

Tech Specs
“Mi Tesoro”

Owner: Eddie Cano

Vehicle: 1994 Lincoln Town Car

City/State: Bakersfield, CA

Car Club: Aztec Image

Body/Paint: Joe, from Trends in Bakersfield, CA, gave the Town Car its Brandy/Purple candy paint, while Jay Warner of Bakersfield, handled the pin stripe work and murals found all over the car.

Interior: Ramon of Manaco in Bakersfield, CA stitched together the vinyl and tweed combination that sets off the interior and trunk section of this fine Lincoln.

Setup: Raudel Medina of Cruzers Hydraulics of McFarland, CA installed the two chrome Showtime hydraulic pumps, giving life and bounce to this tribute car.

Sound System: Jay at Audio Warehouse in Bakersfield hooked up the JVC head unit to the Pioneer amps, tweeters, and subwoofers. He also installed the four TV’s found throughout the car’s interior.

Tires: 5.20’s.

Wheels: 13-inch Daytons.