Lowriding is a love brought on by many things, and often times certain time periods and friendships serve as the perfect introduction to the culture. The 90s served as a boom period for the modern wave of Lowriders, and Seena Shah is one of these dedicated riders. Like most people during this decade, Seena and his crew’s interest in Lowriding began at a local cruising spot. “We used to go cruise a spot called White Rock Beach in Vancouver, Canada,” explains Seena. It was there that he saw his first Lowrider, a old Coupe Deville. The sight brought on an unwavering commitment from Seena, and he vowed that one day he’d have a car like the one that he witnessed on that fateful day. Of course, Lowriding was such a trend in this decade, there were a ton for aspiring riders who all felt the same but eventually faded out of the culture; Seena Shah is not one of them. He has remained active in Lowriding and continues to be with this amazing Deville.

Beyond his Boulevard dreams, Seena also had visions of one day becoming an attorney, a dream that would one day become a reality, despite the difficulties involved. “I never thought that I would be able to make it happen,” says Seena about his journey to the courtroom. It was during his late teens or early twenties that he realized that he didn’t want to settle into a mundane job that would bore him to death. This need for fulfillment proved to be a spark that helped to motivate the young Seena. “I started studying harder and eventually got myself into law school,” he says proudly. Being originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Seena came to Southern California to attend law school. “I essentially started law school as an extension to my educational pursuits,” he says. His motivation for coming to USC also had an upside; Southern California boasts one of the highest concentrations of law firms in the world. “I figured this was a good place to gain experience,” he says. He was right.

Before long, his perseverance landed him work, and he is now practicing law with a huge SoCal defense firm. Working towards his dream in the land of Lowriders is also a blessing for this enthusiast, though an incident on his first day of work practicing law served as a painful reminder that Lowriding still has a long way to go to be seen as a positive fixture within today’s society. With his in-laws in town, Seena drove his Lowrider to work for his brand new job, as his extended family needed to use the family vehicle that day. While he was on his way to work, he was pulled over by a police officer. The officer walked up to the Cadillac and saw Seena sitting in there in his three-piece suit with his briefcase next to him. “He looked baffled,” says Seena. The officer asked him where he was going, and Seena explained that he was on his way to his first day of work at a law firm. Bewildered, the officer told him that his wheels were too small and let him go on his way. It was obvious to Seena that the officer had only pulled him over because of the vehicle that he was driving. “If we can get the younger generation to essentially step into the professional realm, it will change the image of this motorsport,” he says with conviction.

Seena would like to thank his wife, who was a key element to his success in life. “She stuck with me through everything,” he says with a smile. Recently Seena, who had never bought himself a brand new car, celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife by surprising her with a brand new BMW 550. “It made me happy to be able to get something like that,” he says. Seena is a great example of a Lowrider, and his career choices serve as notice to us all that no matter which path in life you choose, you will always be a Lowrider, so choose wisely. n