When it came time to build the car, Carlos went for the dramatic effect, choosing a bold paint scheme for the ’42. “The reason I picked the color red is because I know “rucas” like the colors red and black,” says Carlos, grinning. Beyond the attention he would get from the opposite sex, Carlos also just wanted a car that would stand out. “I didn’t want to paint it black because if you go to any car show, you will see that a lot of the Bombs are painted black,” he explains. Carlos went through his share of painstaking research in order to get the right red, and he finally found this Salsa Red that stood out. He trusted his paint and body duties to Frank Navarro of Pacoima, CA, who expertly rejuvenated this 69-year-old relic. Seeking a factory look, Carlos resurrected the 216 engine, giving it a pristine, stock feel. With the help of his son, Sergio, Carlos installed a front and rear airbag set up to keep the luxurious ride sitting on a cloud as he drove it down the Sylmar streets. With a refreshed dose of chrome from Astro Plating in North Hollywood, and a stock-style interior custom stitched by Hampton Coach of Hollywood, the ’42 was ready to hit the streets.

Carlos would like to thank his brother-in-law, Rodrigo Rosales, and his neighbor, Randy, who helped him put the car together. “I also have to thank my son, Sergio Hidalgo, for supporting and assisting me with the restoration,” Carlos says with pride.

Tech Specs “Mister ‘42”

Owner: Carlos Hidalgo

Vehicle: 1942 Chevrolet Fleetline

City/State: Sylmar, CA

Car Club: Oldies San Fernando

Engine: Carlos brought the 216 in his Chevy back to life by refurbishing it with a look like it just came off of the factory line.

Body/Paint: Frank Navarro of Pacoima, CA., handled all the bodywork on the ’42 before painting it Salsa Red. Astro Plating in North Hollywood, CA., handled all of the chrome needs on the ‘42.

Interior: Hampton Coach of Hollywood, CA., stitched together the interior to give it an original look.

Setup: Carlos and his son Sergio installed the front and rear airbag set up at their Sylmar home.

Tires: 5.20’s.

Wheels: 14-inch Chrome LA Wire Wheels.