Adam Amarillas, has been a member of Together Car Club for almost twenty years, Adam has given his all to the club and to the culture of Lowriding. Exposed to the budding automotive genre by his uncles, Adam grew up in the tiny haven of Monrovia, CA., near the famed Route 66. When he was just 7 or 8 years old, Adam’s father took him to a car show at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. It was love at first sight, and after witnessing the look in his son’s eyes, Adam’s dad commented to him that one day Adam would own a Lowrider himself.

Adam’s father’s prophetic comment proved to be true, as a 15-year-old Adam purchased his first car; a 1980 Buick Regal. A few years later, he was introduced to Together by his friends Marty and “Batman.” Longing to become a part of the club’s family, Adam joined Together Car Club with the same Regal he bought at fifteen. Of course the car had seen quite a few changes by this time, and was certainly not the same Regal as when he purchased it as a teenager. Instead, the car was now a full-show Lowrider with candy paint, custom interior, murals, along with a chrome undercarriage. The car was quite a beauty, so Adam and the Regal received a joint feature in an issue of Lowrider Magazine in 1995. Thanks to so many first memories, Adam still has the car and continues to show it from time to time. Then again, it would be unthinkable to part with a car that has won over 100 trophies since it first hit the car show scene. He debuted a new 1980 Buick Regal this year called “Love Me Two Times,” and if logistics work out, the old school Buick known as “Aztec Pride” will be shown together more often than not.

Throughout his decades of service in Lowriding, Adam has certainly seen both the highs and lows of the culture. On one hand, Adam remembers going to the Azalea Shows in South Gate and frequenting the ever popular shows that Zeus used to throw. He also ranks The “Memories of El Monte” shows the club used to do with the city of El Monte, California among his favorite in Lowriding memories. On the other hand, he also remembers the infamous Lowrider Show in Pomona, California when the big riot broke out. He has seen club members come and go within Together but like the club’s first President, Danny, he has remained committed to the club.

Adam received his Club President title five years ago, and approached his duties with an overwhelming sense of responsibility and pride. One of the first things Adam wanted to do, as President was to bring back the El Monte shows that Together used to coordinate in his earlier years with the club. His chance came when he worked with the City of Pico Rivera to produce a car show at the famous Pico Rivera Sports Arena back in 2008. For all involved, the show was a huge success and the city invited them back the following year for another show. Unfortunately, after some changes in the city government, the shows were not allowed to continue. Adam has vowed to try and produce another show at the venue.

With an impressive five years under his belt as Club President, Adam continues to lead the club with the same standards set forth by Danny and the other founding members. His resolve, dedication, and values bring truth to his vow that the club will not fail under his leadership, no matter how long he is President. He remains committed to the club that has given him so many great memories over the years. Adam, like Danny, is “Together Forever, Forever Together.”