Even though they are just now due to celebrate their five-year anniversary, Bomb Connection has already begun clearing a path in their driveway for the next generation. Many of the members’ children and grandchildren are already working on or are preparing to build their own Bomb Connection ride! This club is not only making headlines in the state of California, they also have a chapter in France. Given the strong beginnings of this club, this 20 member family is looking to carefully expand over the next year or two, and membership interest will be something they never run short on.

Bomb Connection is proof of the virtues of a strong Car Club foundation, as they have achieved more within their first five years than some clubs do in twenty. They have not only made their mark on the Lowrider Culture, they have also gained the respect of the Bomb subculture as well. The quality of their rides and the way they compose themselves is certainly an asset to the world of Lowriding. Thanks to their unwavering commitment to their core values, they are an example to many, and Lowrider Magazine applauds them for their contribution to Lowriding.