As we touched on in that last sentence, family is an integral component in the success of the club. The members would not be able to attend car show, meetings, and community events without the support of their families. The club makes sure the families are included in all club events, and every family member is also allowed to wear club colors. With the families involved in the club, it also makes it easier for each chapter to keep its members motivated.

The club and its members have been featured in Lowrider Magazine, as well as other car magazines, and in their local newspapers for their community outreach. The Imperial Valley chapter has produced the La Gente Super Show for the past 18 years, which brings car clubs and solo riders from all over California, Arizona, Nevada, and Baja, California. The proceeds from the show are funneled back into the local communities and programs like youth boxing, soccer, and t-ball.

With over 30 years of Lowriding to their credit, La Gente is a prime example of what a Lowrider Car Club should be all about. They are family oriented, active in their communities, and have some of the culture’s most high-quality rides. The next generation of La Gente members will carry on with the standards put in place by the founding members and the current members. There are no plans to add any more chapters to the club at this time, as the club and its members are content with the club as it is right now. As someone commented to me, “A club is only as good as its members, and we have good members!” We here at Lowrider Magazine would like to congratulate La Gente car club for three plus decades of Lowriding, and we wish them continued success.