Along with instilling family values to his sons, Nick greatly influenced oldest son, Augustine Nick Hernandez, in continuing the Lowrider tradition in O-town and their shared sabor for the bold body lines of Lincolns with his 1981 Town Car. After purchasing the stock T/C in 2004, Augustine had Nick Sr. lay a House of Kolors candy & pearl combination and installed a double pump setup; at which time thinking the street cruiser was complete. As many of you reading this can attest to, are you really ever done? For Augustine, his reevaluation happened in early 2005. Nick Sr. was contacted by WWE Wrestling in needing a Lowrider for Eddie Guerrero’s ring entrance for a local event. Without a blink, Nick Sr. recommended the candy sedan. Since it was a televised event, all viewers witnessed the world champion (LRM Feb. 04) hitting the switches on the luxury low as it cruised to ringside. Soon after, while competing at car shows, WWE fans were recognizing the car from the televised show. At that time, Augustine decided to namesake his Lincoln as that of the champ “Latino Heat.”

All the attention meant revamping the ride, starting with the interior. Frank and Joe at Hope’s Sewing stitched a Tan Reef Tweed throughout, to include raised Lincoln emblems in the seats and dashboard. After getting the ride back from the upholstery shop, Augustine installed a Soundstream sound system with 4 monitors. Taking no chances, Luis Mendoza at BBS rebuilt the powerplant, to include a chrome Edelbrock intake and carburetor to the candied block. The final touch by Augustine was the installation of a bumper kit with the namesake airbrushed on the carrier cover. Regrettably, on November 13, 2005, Mr. Guerrero died due to heart failure. A once compliment to the Latino wrestler would now become a tribute to the 2006 WWE Hall of Famer.

Postmortem, Augustine immediately hired “Big Mario” Chavez at BBS to airbrush murals of the champ on the hood and trunk. Then, the undercarriage was completely redone to include a chrome plated suspension. A Krazy Kutting custom grille and trademark engravings put the finishing touches on this tribute car. Since its completion, “Latino Heat” has been successful throughout the Texas Lowrider show circuit, but Augustine is especially proud of its placing at the LRM Phoenix and Las Vegas Super Shows. The car continues to be well-received by Eddie’s fans. And as he resides over Taste of Latin C.C., Augustine would like to thank his brothers, the club, his kids and wife Rosie for their support, with a special thanks to Nick Sr. and Ray Galindo. Paz,Tejas

“The Godfather”

Owner: Nick Hernandez

Vehicle: 1969 Lincoln Mark III

Club: Taste of Latin

City/ State: Odessa, Texas

Body/ Paint: German black base w/ Brandywine and Pearl by BBS.

Pinstriping: Cotton Hayes Studio.

Engine: 1970 460hp.

Murals: By El Shadow.

Interior: Stock style.

Hydraulics: Eliminator setup w/ Adell dumps sponsored by HiLo El Paso.

Wheels: 13x7 custom wires airbrushed by Super Mario.

Tires: Hankook P155 80R13.

“Latino Heat”

Owner: Augustine Hernandez

Vehicle: 1981 Lincoln Town Car

Club: Taste of Latin

City/ State: Odessa, Texas

Body/ Paint: House of Kolors Candy Green and Pearl by BBS.

Pinstriping: Danny Gonzalez.

Engine: Rebuilt 351 Windsor w/ Edelbrock chrome components.

Interior: Tan Reef Tweed by Hope’s Sewing.

Murals: Big Mario Chavez.

Hydraulics: Two-chrome HiLo pump setup.

Wheels: 13x7 OG Wires.

Tires: Hankook P15580R13.