The Pontiac was owned by a gentleman who lived in a retirement community and had kept the car bone stock for weekend outings. Richard saw potential in the car and because of the pristine condition it was already in, he knew that it wouldn’t take much for it to become the unique bomb he was looking for. Richard and the owner made a deal and the Pontiac went home to the Floyd household.

The first stop on the build for the Pontiac was Joe Epstein’s shop to get it piped and tweaked. Richard then took it over to his good friend, Donnie at Precision Brake and Alignment, to get it dropped to the proper stance. Donnie also redid the brakes and tuned the car. Albert and Eddie over at Area 51 Customs were contracted to touch up the paint, install a spotlight, and add fog lights on the Pontiac. Eddie also installed a Kenwood system powered by JL Audio components. Eddy from Eddy & Son Upholstery used the original factory wool pattern and material to cover the interior in factory grey. Richard wanted to keep the originality of the Pontiac intact by using factory specifications when he was redoing the paint and interior. Richard had Buena Park Chrome take care of any chrome plating that was necessary.

As with any bomb build, Richard completed the exterior with a slew of accessories like bumper guards, bumper wrap arounds, skirts, and a locking gas cap. In the interior he added a compass, redhead flashlight, glove box light, tissue dispenser, vanity mirrors, guide day and night mirror, and an umbrella holder. The trunk and engine compartment were not left out, they also received accessories and original parts like an overflow tank, windshield wiper bottle, under hood light, and a trunk light.

The Pontiac was completed right after Christmas 2010, which was just in time to make it out to the Bomb Club Originals New Year’s Day picnic in San Dimas, California, and then cruise the Majestics New Year’s Day picnic in Irwindale, California with the HB Gabachos.

Richard would like to thank his wife Rhonda, his son Austin, his daughter Alyssa, and his parents for their love and support. The Manis family, HB Gabachos, Joe Epstein, Mike Ramos, Area 51 Customs, Donnie at Precision Brake & Alignment and Ricky from Performance Plus who also gets thanks for the contributions to the Pontiac.

The ’49 Pontiac is a great choice for a bomb. It can hold its own in a sea of Chevys, that’s for sure. After seeing this feature, Richard may have just inspired a few bomb enthusiasts to cross over to Pontiac; I know I have!

Tech Specs


Owner: Richard Floyd
Vehicle Nick Name: Greengo
Vehicle: 1949 Pontiac Streamliner
Club: HB Gabachos
City/State: Long Beach, CA
Paint: PPG Factory Sage Green by Albert at Area 51 Customs in Bellflower, CA.
Interior: Eddy from Eddy & Son Upholstery recovered the interior to factory specs in the original wool pattern, using Grey wool material with buttons.
Suspension: Lowered in the front with dropped spindles, 4-inch lowering blocks and air shocks in the rear. Donnie from Precision Brake & Alignment in Downey, California, did all the work.
Wheels: Stock 15-inch with Factory Pontiac hub caps
Tires: Firestone 15-inch 640 whitewalls.