When one chapter closes, another begins. This common sentiment describes the auspices of new beginnings, and sums up the formation of the legendary Old Memories Car Club to a T.’ In 1978, this incredible Bomb car club began taking its first collective cruises, and they haven’t looked back since.

Old Memories founder, Eddie Soler, was a member of another club that began with his neighborhood friends back in the 1960’s in Los Angeles, California. Over time, Eddie and a few of the other members decided to leave that club for one reason or another. Even though they had left the club, they still continued to hang out together and fix up their bombs. These afternoons spent together sparked up talks of collaborating again, although it took some time to find a common focus for their idea.

After a while, the group decided to start their own Bomb car club. They wanted to start a club that would reflect the high standards that they built their bombs with, and hoped that it would create an environment where the members mutually respected each other, and members would have a say in decisions for the club. Eddie had always liked the name memories, so he added old in front of it, and proposed the name Old Memories to the group. The name fit well for a Bomb car club, especially since the sight of these old machines tends to bring back a lot of memories for people, both young and old. Everyone was on board and with that decision, the most important part of forming a car club was accomplished; a name for the club had been decided, and Old Memories began to make new history.

As with any new club, the plaque needed to be designed. Eddie had an idea of how he wanted the plaque to look, so he designed the lettering and the plaque. His friend, Manual Navarro, designed the ribbons that anchor the plaque. Eddie took the final design to Mr. Polar, who produced the plaques for the newly formed club. The group also decided that black and gold would be the club colors. With the car club name, club colors chosen, and the plaque designed, Old Memories South Los Angeles officially formed in September of 1978 on 43rd street in Los Angeles, California with Eddie Soler and Tony Lopez leading and founding members Carlos Soler, Tony Baltierra, Manual Navarro, Pancho Sinfuentes, Miguel Duran, Tony Moreno, Joe Mangaro and Roy Chavez rounding out the lineup.

With all of the formalities out of the way, it was time to hit the streets. The newly formed club hit all the big shows in the Los Angeles area. The club was present at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Long Beach Arena, and the Shrine Auditorium shows. They even had a big show at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena with the Artistics Car Club.

Within five years of the formation of the club, a chapter was opened in Tucson, Arizona by Tony Lopez, after he was transferred there by his job. The El Paso Texas chapter was the next chapter to form under Pancho Sinfuentes, who had relocated to the Lone Star State. Over the years chapters have been formed in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Japan. In January of 2011, the country of Australia became the latest destination to have an Old Memories chapter. This makes 20 chapters of Old Memories worldwide.

Each chapter has a president who runs the chapter using the rules and regulations put in place when the club was formed back in 1978. As with almost every car club, if you are flying an Old Memories plaque, the car must be clean and under no circumstances can the plaque be modified. Keeping with the majority rules structure, the club and its chapter decides as a whole which events they will attend. Like stated before, everyone has a say in club decisions.