In the summer of 1990, four friends decided to start up a car club. Robby Quisol, along with his brother Sonny, and friends Bubba and Phillip, served as the founding members of this aptly named club. This name came easy to the four men, who all carried keys for the same make of automobile; the legendary Chevy Impala. The Impalas car club was born, and the initial chapter was called Nor Cal to represent a broader area, even though all of the members were from San Jose, CA. The club's foundation was based off of one common principle, a principle which it still adheres to today; every member must own an Impala! About two months into the venture, Phillip and his family moved to Colorado. This is about the time that Pete "Kiki" Rodriguez came in to the fold. Kiki's motivational personality and dedication to the club served as a driving force behind the club's success. It should be noted that Kiki still brings those influences to the table today.

In 1992, a club from Salinas named "Reflections of The Past" called upon the Impalas for some guidance. Then president of this club, "Junior," talked with Robby and wanted to take a different approach to his own club, hoping to create a more family-oriented environment like the Impalas had. He was frustrated with the more casual approach his club had taken on, and longed for more unity among its members. After all was said and done, the club became the Central Coast Chapter of the Impalas Car Club and this was the first chapter of the club formed outside of the original Nor Cal chapter. In 1995, Sacramento became the second city to start a chapter, and this branch set a standard for car building that all of the other chapters are still trying to emulate. That's what happens when you inspire a few LRM shoots and articles. Sacramento also just celebrated their 15-year anniversary as a chapter, and this branch is still going strong.

The later years of the '90's would serve to be monumental years for the club, as they continued to add chapters in Reno, NV., Merced, CA, Fresno, CA., the East Bay, Modesto, CA., and Chico, CA. The Modesto Chapter was founded by none other than Kiki Rodriguez, who moved his family from San Jose to the valley in favor of a better cost of living. Many of "La Gente" followed suit during this time period, and the area bubbled with fellow Lowrider enthusiasts. Kiki, along with Tony "Bones" Torres and Martin' Carranza, started a chapter that is now one of Impalas' largest, with a membership upwards of 30 members. "I remember going to my first meeting and not making it. I blew my engine due to a careless mistake on my part, and I called Kiki to let him know what had happened. I told him I would probably be down for a while now and being in a car club without a car just didn't seem right. The next day, he called me and told me to get a truck because he found me an engine! The following weekend, we drove to San Jose to pick up a motor from another member, and my ride was up and running in a week. That was the turning point for me, and membership was not only mandatory, but also a no-brainer because of the help and love that was directed towards me by the family." Eventually, Sonny and Bubba ended up moving out to the valley, and are now essential members of this chapter as well.