A couple of the more unique projects David has worked on include a 7x5 foot, three dimensional Virgin Mary, which he engraved on a mirror. This one of a kind creation has been featured in many museums. He also worked on a penitentiary toilet for the prison art-themed "Life Inside" Art Show in 2008. David's art has been featured in many art shows and was also part of the Peterson Automotive Museum's "Arte y Estilo" exhibit.

Over the years, David and his art work have been featured by many media outlets including Lowrider Magazine, Japan's Custom Lowriding, The Los Angeles Times, La Opinion, and on local Los Angeles television networks. David has also used his art for youth outreach as well. He is a strong believer in the youth of today, as it will be them who will likely continue the art of engraving, long after David has put down his engraving tools.

After almost 30 years of practicing his art, David has no plans on slowing down, despite the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome he has experienced and dealt with. He cautions anyone that is interested in engraving to make sure that they have the proper equipment and work in a well-ventilated area. He plans on producing engraving instructional videos and selling his own line of engraving tool kits. David also plans on continuing his youth outreach to ensure the art of engraving never dies.

David would like to thank God for blessing him with his artistic talent. He would also like to thank his wife for supporting him and his artistic career. David is also very grateful to his children and grandchildren for their support, and his customers for believing in him. We here at Lowrider Magazine would like to thank David for literally leaving his mark on the Lowrider Culture for so many years.