Eventually, Eric repainted the car and had Mike Lamberson stripe it. After the Caprice was cleared, it sat in the garage for another year. Eric still had the Road Master, which was his focus until he sold it in April of 2008. He replaced it with a 1992 Lincoln Town Car, with the Caprice sitting in the garage. Finally, after several of his fellow Traffic Car Club members urged him to finish the Caprice, he regained his desire to finish it. In December of 2009, Chino at Dreamworks in Montclair, California ripped the vinyl top off and added Black Candy patterns. After the patterns were completed, California Upholstery redid the interior in Grey vinyl and suede in one day. Yes, you read right; one Day.

There was simply no stopping Eric now. He set a goal of giving the Caprice a proper debut at the 2010 Majestics New Year's Day Picnic at Santa Fe Dam. After finishing up the trunk and engine, Eric took his first cruise in the Caprice to the picnic, where he was rewarded with lots of thumbs ups and compliments. Eric has since sold the Town Car, so that he can devote all of his time to the Caprice, which he nicknamed, "Tru Devotion." Eric has certainly shown his "Tru Devotion" to complete this build not only for himself, but for his club as well.

Tech Specs

Tru Devotion
Owner: Eric Lozano
Vehicle: 1986 Chevy Caprice
Club: Traffic Car Club
City/State: Ontario, CA

Paint: PPG Silver Metallic with Black Candy Patterns on the roof by Chino & Liz at Dreamworks in Montclair, CA. Striping and lettering by Mike Lamberson of Draggin Lines, Riverside, CA. Custom grill by JW Enterprises, Candy Bumper Impact strips by Chino & Liz at Dreamworks, Montclair, CA.

Interior: California Upholstery of Bell Gardens covered the interior in Grey vinyl and suede. Chino at Dreamworks, Montclair, CA molded and marbleized the dash.

Suspension: Low Lyfe Pumps, Delta Dumps, Accumax Solenoids, and Interstate Batteries power the Hydraulic set up. Enrique from Traffic Car Club molded the rear arches. Full chromed undercarriage, molded and chromed A-arms and reinforced rear end and frame.

Wheels: Zenith Black Chrome 72-spoke straight lace.

Tires: 155/80/13 radials