The X-Frame was then sent to Rudy's old buddy Frank Castillo, who reinforced it and took the suspension apart to prep the car for paint and chrome. The rear suspension was also reinforced, including the wish bone and an A-arm extension. When the rebuild work was finished at Miranda's and Metro Plating, the body and frame were reassembled, and Frank started to work on the hydraulic system. Frank and Rudy had talked many times and formulated a plan on how the set up should be built. After a few days of brainstorming, they decided on a four-pump setup. The setup includes a floating rack with chrome pumps and chrome Adex dumps. They also added over 35 feet of custom bend and chrome tubing. The entire setup is powered by eight hidden batteries and is controlled by eight switches.

The car's motor was replaced with a crate 383 Stroker motor and a 700R transmission. The accessories of the motor include a full Serpentine belt system, Aircraft tubes, Borla headers, a chrome alternator, a new carburetor, a water pump and valve covers.

Finally, Chaz Glen from Street Works finished the interior. He manufactured a custom painted center console, and added bucket seats, before rewiring the entire car for power windows. Chaz reupholstered the car with Black leather, giving it a Hotrod look, and accented the top of the seats with metal Impala emblems. The entire sound system is hidden and out of sight in order to give the car a cleaner look, with the exception of the amps, which are neatly placed inside the trunk of the '62. Don from Sound Werks of Scottsdale, AZ., took care of the sound system installation.

After a few years of construction, the car was finished right before the LRM Phoenix show in 2010. The Impala took home multiple awards and cash money. Now Rudy is currently working on a '59 Impala, which is being built with the help of some of his fellow C.C. members. Rudy would like to give special thanks to Frank Castillo, Luis Miranda, Chaz Glen, and all his Spirit car club brothers' for helping him out with his clean '62 Impala, "Nemesis."

Tech Specs

Owner: Rudy Casas
City/State: Temple, AZ
Club: Spirit Car Club
Engine/Drivetrain: Crate 383 Stroker with a 7000R Transmission.
Paint and Body: Custom 42-inch sunroof painted with Daytona Blue paint.
Wheels: 13x7 Zeniths
Tires: 155-80-R13