The end of the build was finally near for "Caliente '64." As the hardtop was completely assembled, all that was left to do was build up the interior and install the hydraulics. The exterior of the paintjob dictated the design and color combination that was used by Richard of Vega's Customs from Chandler, AZ. The results showed an exquisite interior with the same color combination inside the Chevy. This was accomplished by using different suede and vinyl, giving the car an elegant-yet-sporty feel. By this time, Danny visited Todd Land of Street Life hydraulics, who installed a whammy tank, which was mounted on a custom tubular rack. With tubing and pressure gauges, Danny's setup was made to look like a million bucks without spending anywhere near that number.

The '64 was ready to roll, and you can see Danny's love for Lowriding every time he turns the key on this pristine Chevy. As common as '64 builds are within the Lowrider Nation, Danny knew he really had to deliver on this build, and he has done so beautifully. His '64 started out as a perfectly restored version, and gradually manifested itself into the full custom you see before you today. "Caliente '64" has flown one plaque in Danny's lifetime, and continues to do so while making its way through the local show circuit.

Tech Specs

Caliente '64

Owner: Danny Ochoa
Vehicle: '64 Chevy Impala
City/State: Mesa, Arizona
Club: Society Car Club
Engine: Stock 327 and Powerglide transmission

Interior: Red leather custom interior with a painted dash to accent the interior.

Setup: Two Street Life Hydraulic pumps, four dumps, two Parker slowdowns, powered by four 31-series batteries.

Wheels: 13x7 Roadster Wire Wheels

Tires: Premium Sportway 5.20's