Some guys dream about having just one car. That's all they ask for... just one beautiful classic low-ride. Maybe a clean '59 Chevy Impala - no, make that a '59 Impala ragtop! For others, that ownership dream may be a little bit larger. They may ponder about the day they'll be rolling in an even rarer car than the '59; the 1958 Chevy Impala convertible. With enough hard work, patience, and persistence, who knows? Maybe that dream can actually come true.

For Armando Medina of Chula Vista, California, that dream is a reality. That's right, Mr. Medina owns a 1958 and a 1959 Impala. Both come in the highly desired convertible form, both sport the rear continental kit, and both fly the Individuals (of San Diego) Car Club chrome plaque up behind the back seat. Although they have their own distinctive body forms, both rides are similar in many ways. For example, both Impalas have the same iced green pearl exterior paint coat, both have super clean and chromed-out undercarriages and engines, and both have some pretty fancy hydraulic setups. It's no wonder they are so alike when both have been carefully handled and built by almost all the same hands.

It definitely helps when you're one of the top guys at your own auto body shop, too. Armando manages Nice & Easy Auto Body & Paint in Chula Vista, a shop that handles all bodywork and paintjobs with the utmost care. Originally, these two Impalas were being built for a customer and friend of Armando's named Eddie. Eddie had the '58 at first and had Armando start building it for him. When Eddie came upon a '59; he once again entrusted Armando to be the man in charge of doing the makeover. Unfortunately, time, money and patience got the best of Eddie and he eventually lost some interest his two projects. By that time, Armando had already put too much effort and money into these two rides, so Eddie worked out a fair deal and Armando became the new owner of both classic rides.

Armando gives big thanks to his son, his brothers and all his friends who emotionally and physically supported him during the buildup of these two awesome topless coupes. Armando says that he does plan to add a few more accessories to both rides and continue to help build up other rides in the San Diego, California area as well. We will be patiently waiting and watching for Armando to make those dreams come true!