Family also plays a big role in the club. Although they are a car club of men, they strive to keep Goodfellas as a family-oriented club. The members are encouraged to include and invite their spouses, children, and other relatives to the club's social gatherings. The family members are allowed to represent the club by wearing club colors, as the club is proud of their own families and want the world to know that they are affiliated with Goodfellas as well. They are definitely one of the few clubs that truly understand that it's the family that makes the club. Without them, they are just a bunch of guys that only know a small percentage about each other and that they love cars. It is the family that speaks for the character of each member.

Right now, the club is content with the number of members they have. Currently there are 49 full-plaque members and 9 potential members. Goodfellas will always remain as one chapter and they do not plan to expand to other areas. The club's goal is to focus on the amount of members they have now and to do their best to keep politics and drama away from the club. Goodfellas is determined to remain a positive example for the next generation of members, and for the culture of Lowriding overall. We here at Lowrider would like to thank the club for the opportunity to tell their story and to feature their great rides.