At these difficult crossroads, most people might shy away from being around the culture that would constantly remind her of his struggle and pain, but not Deanna. Instead, she was back on the center floor of the Denver Coliseum, displaying Tony's masterpiece and showing the pride and joy that the love of her life had built. "He taught me that I could do anything I want if I put my mind to it." She adds, "He was an amazing car builder and would always give to others before he would take for himself." His legacy will always live on through his two sons and his loving wife's acceptance of this unfortunate tragedy.

Tech Specs

Dead Serious

Owner: Tony & Deanna Winick
Vehicle: 1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
City/State: Greeley, Colorado
Club: Majesty C.C.

Engine: The stock 283-c.i.d. was swapped with a crate 350 and sent off to Alert Plating in Denver to coat every visible piece in high quality chrome. Tony did all of the engine work.

Body/Paint: The Chevy was brought into the paint booth and several rich coats of PPG Blue Ice were laid down throughout the frame. Danny D was brought in for his masterful pinstripe that can be seen down the entire body.

Set Up: Two M&M pumps were added and hard-lined using four chrome plated Delta dumps, eight batteries lined the trunk and a four-switch panel was mounted to the dash for easy access. Tony installed the hydraulic setup with the help of Deanna.

Sound System: Tony & Deanna kept the original head unit and installed Alpine components for clarity. The bumps are located in a custom-built fiberglass box painted to match the exterior and hold six 12-inch Memphis Audio subwoofers all powered by Memphis Audio amplifiers.

Interior: Custom light blue vinyl was wrapped around the entire interior with white vinyl framing. Dakota Digital gauges were installed and a custom grenade gear shifter was added. The convertible top was switched to light Blue to match the exterior. Tony handled the interior modifications.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Merit M600 rubber

Rims: 100-spoke White powder-coated Dayton wire wheels.