Now that the restoration phase is complete, Alonso has been enjoying the car and avidly driving it when time permits. Alonso took the '39 to the 2010 Lowrider Magazine's San Bernardino show and placed second in "30's Stock" and third in "Best of Show." The car attracted quite a bit of attention from show attendees and magazine staff.

Alonso's 18-month-old grandson, Israel Guerrero, has already claimed ownership of the car. When you ask him, "Whose old car is that?" His response is, "Mine," and Alonso agrees 100%. It looks like Alonso has already lost ownership to the car he's been wanting for years but he's fine with that. The car is replaceable but the memories of the restoration aren't.

Tech Specs

Original Sin
Owner: Alonso Guerrero
Vehicle: 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe
City/State: Los Angeles, CA

Paint: Single Stage Acrylic Enamel Factory Paint. Raul Landeros sprayed the '39 Royal Green.

Interior: Mike Perez from Area 51 in Bellflower, CA., covered the interior in Tan Mohair. Victor Varagoza took care of the wood grain.

Suspension: Restored to factory specs.

Wheels: Factory 16-inch wheels color-matched

Tires: Bridgestone 16x6 Wide White Wall tires.