The model car publications took notice of his work and featured "Highlander '64" as a cover feature. In fact, he had three covers of Lowrider Bicycle with his Lowrider models. He also had cover features with a truck based on "Punch '84," as well as his replica of Joe Ray's "Las Vegas" car, which was subsequently featured on the cover of Model Car Magazine. David Anthony even contributed tech articles to Lowrider Bicycle magazine.

When Pegasus Hobbies opened their Uptown Whittier, California store, David Anthony went to work for them. He worked for them for the duration of the shop's Whittier residence, but was forced to quit when the owners moved the store to Montclair, California, as he did not have a license or running car at the time. Even though he did not continue on with Pegasus Hobbies, he left his influences there through his valuable input on the types of different Lowrider parts the company has produced and made available over the years.

Eventually, David Anthony became discouraged by the overall state of the model car hobby. Politics and rivalries were becoming rampant, so he decided to retire from model building and concentrate on his other artistic interests like logo design, pen/ink drawings, watercolor, and oil/acrylic paintings.

The Garcia family had been running their own family business called "The Drag-N Shop" in Whittier, California for years, so David Anthony began designing auto builds for their customers. The customers would come with an idea and he would produce a rendering, while his brother, Joseph, and their dad would build the car for the customer based on David Anthony's drawing. The combination of David Anthony's car designs and the shop's reputation for quality work has produced quite a few show winners and magazine features.

While working at the Drag-N Shop, David Anthony also took an interest in pinstriping. There was a neighboring shop owner that was pin striping show cars, most notably cars from the Imperials Car Club. After some instruction from the shop owner, he was soon pinstriping everything in sight. He pinstriped the shop refrigerator, the toilet seat, the walls, and just about everything else on the location! The customers at the Drag-N Shop began utilizing his newly formed talents in this arena, and David Anthony then began to attend local car shows with his pin striping kit in hand, ultimately finding work by pin striping cars while at the show's venue. His pinstriping work has been featured in Rod & Custom, Car Kulture Deluxe, and Lowrider Magazine.

After fifteen years of retirement, David Anthony has begun building models again. He has reconnected with many of his fellow modelers, like Gary Seeds, and is working on a few projects right now. He is also a regular contributor on the model builder forums on He is also working again for Pegasus Hobbies at their Montclair Super Store. At the urging of his family and friends, he is also drawing and painting more these days as his art has gained an even broader audience.

David Anthony credits his parents, and his brother for helping him to develop and pursue a career based on his artistic talents. He is grateful for their support, and also thanks his good friend, Lou "Lucky Hell Cat" Grijalva for the advice and direction over the years. He would also like to acknowledge Gary Seeds for his influence, as well as Pegasus Hobbies for their support.

Model cars are an important part of the Lowrider Culture. They both provide an entry level introduction to the Lowrider Culture for the youth of today, and many of today's top Lowrider builders started off building model cars before they were driving age. Lowrider Magazine is committed to the promotion and preservation of Lowrider model building, and we thank David Anthony Garcia for sharing his story and his contributions to the Lowrider Culture over his many years of service.