The interior was brought back to life by Lupio from Meda's Upholstery in Montclair, California. Lupio used a combination of leather and suede to cover the front and rear seats as well as the door panels. Mike added an Alpine head unit with an Apple IPOD and Alpine 1-inch tweeters and Alpine 6-inch mids to the interior. For that extra punch, he added a Performance Technique amp and Kicker Solo-Baric Woofer in a custom enclosure in the trunk. Mike finished off the interior with a Smokey the Bear Snuff it, Trico Fan, and Air Guide Compass.

The amazing restoration of Mike's '53 took thirteen years and cost a sum of money that Mike rather not be reminded of. In the end, the effort was well worth it, and the car is a testament to his hard work, as well as to the hard work and support of his friends and family.

Mike has been a member of Tradition for 17 years, and is now the Club President. Mike's leadership and his dedication to the club have definitely made the club stronger over the years. He would like to thank his car club brothers for their support, as well as his wife, Maria, and his kids Danny, and Maya. Lastly, Mike would like to thank his mother and father for their support early on. Mike would especially like to thank his dad for bringing that "nightmare" Chevelle home; it was the start of something great.

Tech Specs

Owner: Mike Leos

Vehicle: 1953 Chevy Bel Air

Club: Tradition Car Club

City/State: Montclair, CA

Paint: Two Tone Silver & Charcoal Grey by Lalo Onsurez of ONZ Bodyworks. Ruben of Ruben's Auto works prepped the body for paint. Willis Dormer of Stripe Fine added accent lines to the bomb.

Interior: Lupio of Meda's Upholstery covered the interior in leather and suede to compliment the exterior

Suspension: Mike and his friends Sergio and Loui installed the air bag set up at Loui's house

Wheels: 15 inch steelies with cross bar hub caps

Tires: 5.60 nylon white walls